18 kinds of camping barbecue delicacies, just do it if you are greedy! (1-9 kinds)

Blue sky, green shade, wilderness…the season suitable for camping is coming again! How can happy camping be without delicious food? 18 kinds of camping barbecue delicacies, with a production strategy, to help you become an outdoor chef in seconds.

1. Camping Quick Burger

Prepare biscuit mix at home (flour, black pepper, cheddar cheese… in short, what flavor you want to eat), bring a bag of muffin bread, a plate of eggs, a biscuit pan and a large cup . At the campsite, pour the biscuit mix into the cup, stir evenly with boiling water, and transfer to the baking tray to bake. Then beat the eggs into the baking tray to make a poached omelet. Then sandwich the baked biscuits and the fragrant omelette with muffins, and start eating!

2. Dutch style pancakes

Mix the eggs, milk, and flour into a paste, bake it in a Dutch Oven, and sprinkle fresh cranberries on it to make it delicious.

3. Campfire Bacon

Needless to say, just prepare a bag of bacon and a few skewers.

4. Burrito

Fill the burrito with sausage, eggs, potatoes, cheese, etc., and wrap it in tin foil at the campsite and bake it.

5. Baked potatoes

Ingredients: potatoes, bacon, cheese, onions, salt, black pepper. Slice the potatoes, fry the bacon briefly, throw all the ingredients into the pot, and heat until the potatoes are soft.

6. Grilled Cheese Corn Chips

Place the corn chips in a pan, add a mixture of cream and milk, then add salami, olives, green peppers, etc., sprinkle a bunch of parmesan cheese, and heat it over low heat until the cheese melts.

7. Mustard grilled sprouts

In other words, sprouts is really a kind of vegetable that foreigners prefer. Put a few on a bamboo stick, dip it in a blend of olive oil, mustard seeds, salt, and black pepper, and roast it over the fire.

8. Potato Boat

Cut the potatoes into thick slices, sandwich the bacon, ham, and butter, wrap them in tin foil and bake them for 20 minutes until the potatoes are cooked.

9. Dutch Pot Pizza

Spread olive oil on the bottom of the pan, put in the pizza dough, spread a layer of tomato sauce, spread sausage slices, onions, and cheese, and bake until cooked.

Notice:don’t forget to bring the camping tents and other camping accessories with you!

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